Motorists, cyclists, pedestrians and horse riders all have a right to use the road.

We all also share a responsibility to consider each other's needs. This site has been created to help all road users understand the special requirements of horses and their riders, and to remind horse riders about safe riding practices on the roads.


Horses on the Roads

With fewer places to ride, and increasing fuel prices you can expect to see more riders returning to riding on the roads.  For many, driving on roads with horses may be a new experience. 

Road Rules

The most important rule is to slow down, and give horses room -  as you should for cyclists and pedestrians on the road!

SLOW means 50kph or less.

You must prepare to stop. 

You must stop if the horse is unsettled, or if the rider signals that there is danger in proceeding.

You can be charged with dangerous driving if you do not behave appropriately around horses on the roads.

About Riders

The rider you meet may be a pensioner on a tight budget, a farm worker, a working mum, a schoolchild, a banker or executive, or a professional rider. 

Horse riders and owners come from a wide variety of backgrounds, age groups, and experience. In New Zealand the costs of keeping a horse are similar to many other sports or hobbies.
Transporting a horse from one place to another shouldn't require loading it into a vehicle; the horse is quite capable of travelling many kilometres under its own steam. 
Removing large horse vehicles from the roads is both more sustainable, and reduces maintenance and congestion on the roads.  more about horse riders...

About Roads

Roads have existed for thousands of years, and are for people to get from place to place. Pedestrians, horses, and cycles are all legal road users.

Motorised vehicles are relative newcomers; and the road rules that apply to them are often based on keeping other road users safe from them. 

The motor vehicle does not have any special right to be on the road, nor does it's driver In fact the reason that you must license and register your vehicle, is because there is no automatic right to have a vehicle on the road.. The only roads specifically designed and allocated to motorised vehicles are motorways.